COVID 19 Safety & Precaution Policy

Taking cognizance of the gravity of the public health situation on account of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Amalfi India has prioritized the safety of its employees, customers and consignors. It has updated its communication systems, quality control processes and is taking extreme care while handling all products. It is also adhering to necessary advisories of the relevant authorities including employing work from home policy and encouraging social distancing. 

  1. Caring for our Customers

  • We are undertaking a comprehensive curation process which includes the 4 stage quality control process and the Hygiene process.   

  • We are ensuring that all our products are pre-inspected for Quality & Hygiene before they are packed.

  • All products displayed on are being disinfected and sterilized before packing.

  • We are ensuring that all our products are packed meticulously in a Amalfi's packaging so that there is no chance of contamination during the delivery process.

  • We are encouraging contactless delivery during the ordering process to our customers.

  • Our CRM team is keeping the customers posted on the status of their deliveries so that they are not inconvenienced in any way on account of the lockdown situation.


     2. Caring for our Consignors

  • Our CRM team is encouraging & guiding the Consignors in the Consignment process and are ensuring that the Consignors pack the delivery bag securely so that there is no chance of contamination of the products.

  • The delivery partners have being instructed to take away the said bags from the consignors in a contactless manner.